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When initially faced with a food allergy or intolerance diagnosis, for yourself or a family member, it is completely natural to go into panic mode and assume that all those favorite recipes are simply no longer an option.  I vividly remember, after discovering our infant daughter had multiple, life threatening food allergies, standing at the pantry every night literally panicked about what to make my family for dinner.  Eight years later, there is not much that we haven’t figured out how to modify.  She is not lacking in anything and will tell you, if asked, “my food allergies have been a blessing because now we eat healthier”.  Reading every label will do that for you.  Eventually, you just decide it’s easier to make things yourself rather than spend your life in the grocery aisle reading packages (not to mention losing your desire to consume things that are unpronounceable!). Finding substitutions for dairy isn’t as hard as you might think.

I thought I would share some of our “go to” substitutions for dairy with hopes they might be helpful to you as you cook for a family member or friend who has specific dietary needs.

Coconut milk – to replace dairy in baking, coconut milk has been a huge help!  Other milk substitutes can be thinner and affect the outcome of the recipe.  We LOVE to use coconut milk in rich recipes and even in making our own ice cream.  A whole new world of recipes opened up to us when we discovered coconut milk.

Almond milk – believe me we’ve tried them all when it comes to dairy free milks.  For pouring on cereal and just drinking, we prefer almond milk.  They even sell chocolate almond milk which is a great treat for the kiddos as well as Momma.

Earth Balance Buttery Sticks – sorry for being redundant but, once again, when it comes to dairy free butter, we’ve tried them all.  Some of them, um….. not so good.  Finding a stick butter was a life changer for us because the consistency worked in recipes.  They do sell a tub spread, as well, which is great for toast, etc.  For recipes, use the sticks, trust me.

Coconut milk yogurt – great for use in recipes, fabulous for a snack, provides calcium supplementation, if needed.  I can’t quite say enough good about the person who invented this new staple in our lives.  I just read that using the unsweetened/plain variety works well to replace sour cream in dips, etc.  Can’t wait to try it.

Thankfully, the world has changed drastically for food allergy families in the last decade.  SOOOO many more products are available now and the Internet provides a wealth of support for families like ours.

May peace and strength be yours as you feed and minister to the food allergy loved ones in your life.


Quick Note:  Did you know that non-dairy does NOT mean dairy free?   For instance, non dairy creamer contains milk protein which makes it UNSAFE for someone with a dairy allergy.  The same is true of non-dairy whipped topping.   Sitting in an ER waiting room, holding your terrified child, makes one want to shout that little tidbit of information from the rooftops!!  Thanks for “listening”.  🙂 The term to look for, to ensure something is safe for one with dairy allergy, is “casein free”.  Stay diligent in reading labels.  Those with food allergies thank you!


Looking for more recipes using substitutions for dairy?  How about our Homemade Sweetened Condensed Milk or Pineapple Whip.

Allergy Friendly Menu Plan
Homemade Baking Mix

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