Planning Healthy Lunches

Gluten-Free Apple Cake
Overnight Oats: A Quick & Healthy Breakfast

Lunches can be challenging to plan—especially if you’ve recently changed your way of eating—and a lack of preparation can cause you to start sliding down that slippery slope that leads you right back to the way you were eating before.

Not good.

Months ago I adjusted my eating habits. I went gluten-, dairy-, and sugar-free and—wow! The difference it made was incredible. My joints felt better. My feet and legs no longer hurt. Headaches seemed to be a thing of the past.

But life happens. I got busy and old habits snuck back in. Dairy crept back into my diet and gluten slunk in on its tail. Sugar has always been a temptation, and now I’m suffering the consequences. My body parts began revolting and demanding a change. Unfortunately, only half of body is on board. The other half (my brain and my taste buds) still craves the things that trigger pain in me.

My husband, a former Navy guy, entered our marriage with a favorite saying. “P.P.P.P.P.P.—Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.” And it’s true. The more I plan ahead, the more I am able to hit my goals, stay focused…and not find myself in the middle of the bakery section at the local grocery store picking out donuts and pastries for my family, or succumbing to the temptation of the moist, delicious cakes a sweet, older friend of mine insists on baking for our family. (I’m hoping she finds another way of expressing her affection for us soon.)

Mixed Bean Salad

Mixed Bean Salad

One of the best ways I’ve found for getting back on track is by flipping through healthy food magazines and looking at the beautiful pictures, or by searching Pinterest and other websites for recipes that catch my attention. A gorgeous plate of mixed veggies and meat; colorful lettuce wraps; fruit salsa; sweet potatoes loaded with black beans and onions; roasted eggplant with marinara; and other food pictures seem to jump start the healthy part of my brain. After that, it’s just a matter of getting those recipes into my meal plan for the week.

Build A Menu is packed with recipes for all different eating styles and—yes—that includes gluten-free and dairy-free options as well. With the Premium Plan, it’s easy to search for meals that will help—not hinder—your way of eating. Looking for gluten-free lunches? We have over 70 gluten-free recipes listed in the Lunch section, but you can also find salads in the Salad area as well, and other meals under Dinners that can easily be used as lunches.

Spend some time in the next day or so planning healthy meals for the upcoming week, and don’t forget to add lunches and snacks to the list. If you know what is on the menu tomorrow, and the next day, and so on, the temptation to haphazardly grab something out of the cupboard will be much slimmer.

Happy Planning!

Marla and the Build A Menu Gals

Gluten-Free Apple Cake
Overnight Oats: A Quick & Healthy Breakfast

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