New Build A Menu Owners

5 Gourmet Hot Dog Recipes

How did you become the new owners?

Our family has used Build A Menu for over 5 years. When the site became broken we reached out to the pervious owners and asked if we could help. Eventually, we decided to buy the site. It took us 8 LONG months of hard work, but is finally ready to launch.

Why did we decide to BUY Build A Menu?

We love to cook and EAT! We also LOVE to plan and organize recipes, so when we found a site that would help us keep all of our favorite recipes and menus in one place we were sold. Build A Menu archives our menus, allowing us to access them quickly. This lessens our time planning menus every week. We can even plan menus for trips, celebrations, freezer meals, and even planning meals for loved ones. Now, that Build A Menu is back we can finally start creating again and not only for ourselves, but now for you. We are so excited about taking on this amazing new venture as a family, and hope you can join us.

Thank you, Shawn and Stacey Harris 

5 Gourmet Hot Dog Recipes

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