Cooking With Your Kids

Celebrate Spring with Pasta Primavera
Meal Boredom Busting

Busy. That sums up most Americans’ lives. Constantly running to work. To the next obligation. Sports events. Church.

Where does it end?

Often downtime—our family time—is spent in front of the television catching our breath, instead of spending quality time with our children. Most of us realize the importance of quality time, but it seems like many of us have a difficult time scheduling it.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. And it doesn’t need to take a lot of time or money either.

Cooking With Kids

One answer can be an activity that is as close as your kitchen. Cooking and baking. And your children don’t have to be in elementary school to begin. Two- and three-year-olds, typically, are thrilled when allowed to help in the kitchen. And it doesn’t need to be a full meal—in fact, it’s better to start small. A fun snack. An easy dessert.

Your child wants to spend time with you—needs to spend special time with you—and sharing the responsibility of making something for your family will delight them. So, despite your crazy schedule, set aside 30 minutes to an hour this week—maybe after school–and make a delicious treat.

Not sure what to make or where to start? Build A Menu has a fun Cooking with Kids recipe ready to go each week. Just select the recipe and the ingredients will be added to your grocery shopping list. You can also find more recipes with step-by-step instructions on our blog and, if you have the Premium Plan, you have all our Cooking with Kids recipes at your fingertips all the time!

Here’s another option. Maybe your child already loves spending time in the kitchen and is wanting to learn more about cooking and wanting to be more independent in this area. If so, you’ll want to check out our Cooking with Kids 12-week Curriculumour step-by-step curriculum cookbook for kids. Packed with kid-friendly recipes, games, trivia, ideas for Family Fun activities, and loaded with colorful pictures, your kids will enjoy this course.

Head on over to Build A Menu and start cooking with your child today. You’ll be glad you did!

Take time to enjoy your kids!

The Build A Menu Gals


Delicious Pepperoni Pita Pizza

Some of our fun Cooking with Kids recipes:

Celebrate Spring with Pasta Primavera
Meal Boredom Busting

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