3 Ways to Serve Your Community This Easter

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For many families, Easter tends to be more inward-looking than big holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. We attend our church service, cook a celebratory dinner, and maybe bring the little ones to an egg hunt, but Easter can also be a great time for giving back to the community with simple and fun DIY projects. Not only do rising temperatures make it easier to mobilize friends and neighbors, but it’s also a great way to spread the true message of the holiday. Here are three ideas for service events you can organize this Easter.

1. Coordinate a Community Spring Cleaning

Spring is the season of rebirth, and for many of us it’s a ritual to prep our yards for budding flowers by cleaning up winter decay. But what about our neighbors who can’t get outside to freshen their home for spring? Organizing a yard clean-up for senior and disabled residents is a great way to give back while honoring the spirit of the season.


To get started, perform outreach to seniors community members, and start a sign-up sheet with addresses to be served. Once you have a full list, recruit volunteers and assign a group to each home. Each cleaning party should come armed with pruning shears, rakes, trash bags, and work gloves for outside. If you’re extending your spring clean-up to the indoors, bring irritant-free cleaning supplies (or make your own!) and rubber gloves.


Worried about finding volunteers who want to clean? Organize a cookout and Easter egg hunt for after the day’s work is done to provide incentive and show your appreciation.

2. Hold a Charity Easter Egg Hunt

To provide fun for the whole community while doing good, organize a charity Easter egg hunt. Locate a park, school grounds, or other property you can use for free, then gather your supplies. You’ll need a few hundred plastic eggs, candy and trinkets to fill them, and baskets, bags, or pails for children to use.


Once you have all the supplies ready, you’ll need to find volunteers. The number you’ll need will depend on the size of your hunting grounds; ensure you have someone to greet families at the entrance, and plenty of volunteers to monitor children as they run about.


To turn it into a fundraiser, charge a small entry fee or request families donate canned goods or other needed items. If you have access to an Easter bunny costume, charging for portraits with the Easter bunny is a great way to increase the amount of money raised by the event.

3. Organize an Easter Fun Run

Is there a cause that’s near to your heart? Organizing a fun run is an amazing way to not only raise funds, but also grow awareness throughout your community. And holding a fun run for Easter makes for a great opportunity to add some silliness into your event.


A charity fun run is a non-competitive race where participants can walk, run, or hop to the finish line. Since participants of all athletic ability are welcome, a fun run is a perfect community-focused alternative to a 5K race. Runners raise money either by paying an entry fee or soliciting pledges.


For Easter, opt for a themed event where participants dress up like bunnies, hunt for eggs along the course, or play games like an egg-and-spoon race or egg roll.


No matter if you have a few hours or a few weeks to spare, consider incorporating service into your Easter tradition this year — after all, need doesn’t take a break just because it’s warm out. Whether you donate money, serve a meal at a homeless shelter, or organize a big fundraising event, you’ll be able to make a meaningful difference in the lives of people in your community.



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Building your Family Heritage with Recipes
Getting Kids to Eat Their Veggies

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