5 Gourmet Hot Dog Recipes

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Summer time and hot dogs go hand in hand, do they not? (Rhetorical question…of course they do.) We decided to take it up a notch and grill up some gourmet hot dog recipes and man, on man, these babies do not disappoint! Get ready to hit it out of the ballpark with any one of these gourmet hot dog recipes. Your peeps are going to love you for it!

5 Gourmet Hot Dog Recipes

Check out the video first to see the awesomeness in action, then click on the link below to get the recipe for any of these gourmet hot dog recipes. 

It’s seriously hard to pick a favorite, so these are in no particular order. 

Favorite Hot Dog Recipes for Cookouts

Bacon Wrapped Teriyaki Hot Dog with Pineapple Salsa

Gourmet Hot Dog Recipes by Build a Menu


Reuben Hot Dogs

Gourmet Hot Dog Recipes by Build a Menu


Double Bacon Chili Cheese Dogs

Gourmet Hot Dog Recipes by Build a Menu


Frito Pie Hot Dogs

Gourmet Hot Dog Recipes by Build a Menu


Philly Cheesesteak Hot Dogs

Gourmet Hot Dog Recipes by Build a Menu

You can get the recipe for each of these gourmet hot dogs by visiting the link above. If you’re a member of our menu planning site, you can easily mark any of these recipes as a favorite to save for later. 

Ideas for Gourmet Hot Dog Bar

Not sure which gourmet hot dog recipe to go with? Why not serve them up buffet style and let your guests pick their favorite toppings? Simply prepare all the toppings and set them out with a big ol’ pile of grilled dogs and buns. Everyone can dress their dogs with their favorite combo of toppings. Score! What could be better than that on a hot summer day?

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Happy Grilling!

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